The Slow Work of God

One of my sons was practicing his piano lesson while I played Uno with some of the other kids. After some time had passed, the pianist was no longer practicing his lesson but was playing, “Another One Bites the Dust.” One of the Uno players looked at me and complained, “He’s counting that as lesson time you know!”

I smiled and looked thoughtfully at the justice seeking sibling. I asked my standard questions: “For whom are you responsible in this situation? Is your interference needed here?”

The child looked at me and said, “But did you even realize what he is doing?”

Kindly I replied, “I did. I notice more than you may realize.”

I quickly reflected on some of the ways that God has worked on my life. As a baby Christian, when He began cleaning up my tongue. When I grew in the Lord, He began moving me toward a heart of purity in different areas. Eventually, my relationships began to reflect those of one who followed Christ. He gave me a heart for those who were hurting or didn’t know Him. He has brought me through joy, pain, heartache, and loss. In each season of life has taught me more of His character, more of my need for Him.

Over the past 30 years of walking with God, He has been purifying areas of my life. Revealing hidden areas in my heart where I have not submitted fully to Him. He’s disciplined, pruned, and refined me. And I’m painfully aware that there is a lot of work left to do inside of me.

I looked at my sweet one seeking justice toward a brother who seemed to be squandering piano lesson time. “My love, I’m so thankful that God takes His time with me, not revealing all the areas in me that need to change at once. I sin often each day. If God scolded and disciplined me for every single thing, I would be completely overwhelmed. He knows what to work on at the right time. What you don’t understand, is your brother needs creative breaks between assignments. I know it seems “wrong” to you…but I’m asking you to trust me. And know that I want to give you the same kind of patience I’m offering your brother.”

Our kids need correction. We need wisdom to know when it is right to intervene. Sometimes it is OK to be aware of something and simply submit it to prayer or let it go. Sometimes our kids benefit from a window into our intentions as a parent. There is no end to the lessons we all need to learn.

“Be confident of this (with your children), that He who began a good work in you (them) will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” ~Phil 1:6

Give Him time friends. Our little ones have much to learn when in our homes, under our nurturing care and guidance. But they won’t learn it all.

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